VertexFX Firewall

VertexFX Firewall is a plugin designed to manage the incoming connections to or from any geographical zone and any VertexFX terminal to the Dealing Room server. VertexFX Firewall is implemented as software plugin which frequently used to prevent unauthorized users from accessing VertexFX Platforms. All connections going to the VertexFX server will go through the VertexFX Firewall, which examines each connection and blocks those that do not meet the specified criteria. VertexFX Firewall can be installed on your computer (like any VertexFX software) and you can customize it; allowing you some control over its functions and protection features. VertexFX Firewall will protect your VertexFX platform from any unwanted and any unauthorized connections to the VertexFX server.

To learn more, please download the documentation of this plugin from here

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