VertexFX Binary Options Plugin

Client Side

Web-based Application

binary options web

Introducing the VertexFX new web-based Binary Options for clients which comes with great features and advantages, allowing binary trading from anywhere anytime.


  • Advanced customizable Chart, that's equipped with many helpful tools to make studies according to chart prices and to predict the movement of rates to ensure making better decisions and maximizing profit.
  • Easy access menu to navigate between VertexFX Binary options:
    - Home
    - Binary open orders
    Binary pending orders

    - Binary orders history
    - News
    - Mail
  • Full history report for all of your binary orders information from Binary orders history page, you can check binary orders history in:
    A Day

    - A Week
    - A Month
    - A Year
    - All History
    - Custom period
  • Search for a specific order to look up its information from the search field in the following pages:
    - Binary open orders
    - Binary pending orders

    - Binary orders history
  • Receive a notification on the top right corner of the screen regarding your
    - Transactions

    - Mails
    - Alert messages


  • Trade from anywhere at any time, VertexFX Binary Options can be accessed from multiple devices and platforms that are connected to the internet whether it’s a smartphone, Tablet, Desktop or laptop. 
  • Easy to set up, after you enable the Binary Options from your dealing room just visit the VertexFX Binary Options web page and you are set to go. No physical software to download or install.
  • Simple to use, with a few clicks you can check your pending Binary orders status, history, news to predict the rates, Make CALL OR PUT binary orders and even check your mails.
  • Enhanced performance. *can also depend on your internet connection.
  • Secure and Transparent

Desktop Application


Based on rising number of users and growing demand by our customers, we are glad to announce VertexFX Binary Option Plugin.

Binary option is a type of trading option based on a simple Yes/No market proposition to expect if the market will go up or down in a certain amount of time (Depending on Payout value).

If you want to use the Binary Option live, you will have to request it from your Dealing Room.

After you install the plugin, go to plugins tab in VertexFX client terminal and you will find new icon (Binary Option).

Note: To launch the plugin, your VertexFX Client Terminal must be connected.


In VertexFX Binary, the client must put his invest value, then choose payout value (Different Payout Rates) and expiration time. After position gets expired, the Binary Backoffice will calculate the profit/loss depending on Payout and Invest values.



A trader who expects that GOLD price will go above (1191.62) at 3:00 PM can make a Call option, while on the other hand, a trader who expects that the GOLD price will go below (1191.62) at 3:00 PM should make a Put.

At 2:00 PM the GOLD price is (1191.52), the trader who believes that price will increase he should place Call position for GOLD above (1191.62) at 3:00 PM with invests ($400) and Payout (180%).

The trader’s gross profit/loss in this example depends on payout value (180%). He can lose all the money he invested, which is in this example ($400), or the trader makes a gross profit (Payout (180%) * invest value (400$) = 720 $.)

If the GOLD price goes above (1191.62) at 3:00 PM, the trader's net profit will be the gross profit subtract the cost of the option: $720 – $400 = $320.

In this example, at 3:00 PM, if GOLD have closed at (1191.42), the option will be expired and client loses the cost of his Call position (400$ Invest value).

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Backend Side


When the software is installed, go to plugins tab in VertexFX Backoffice and you will find a new icon (VertexFX Binary Option Backoffice). To connect the plugin you need to use a valid VertexFX dealer login credentials.

Note: This plugin is responsible for handling, monitoring orders, calculate profit /loss and perform all money transactions.


Binary Backoffice plugin can handle orders in two methods:

  • Auto: By using this method, the Binary Server Plugin will accept all orders without dealing room confirmation.
  • Manual (Binary Chatting Screen): By using this method, the Binary Server Plugin receives clients’ orders on dealing room chatting screen wo whether accept or reject them.


In VertexFX Binary, the client must put his invest value, then choose payout value (Different Payout Rates) and expiration time. After position gets expired, the Binary Backoffice plugin will calculate the profit/loss depending on Payout and Invest values.

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** This plugin is currently free and subjected to be changed in the future for new subscribers.

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